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Far Away Listeners!
Far Away Listeners!

Dear friends at KNPT Radio
Greetings from Oulu, Finland! My name is Jari Ruohomäki and I send this letter
to you because I was able to listen to your station´s program here in Finland
with my special equipment.
I am 44 years old, married and have a 17-year old daughter Anniina and a
14-year-old son Antti. I am a teacher of biology and geography for pupils from
13 to 16 years. My wife, Eija, is also a teacher and she teaches English which
all pupils from 9 to 16 study as a compulsory subject here in Finland.
Oulu is the 5th biggest city in Finland with more than 127 000 inhabitants. It
is situated just at the northern end of the Gulf of Bothnia in the northern
part of Finland, more than 300 miles north of the southern coast and Helsinki,
the capital of Finland. Oulu is the center of culture, traffic, sports and
industry of northen Finland.
Since 1973 my main hobby has been listening to foreign radio stations. As you
may know this hobby is called dx-listening. Since the beginning of the 1980´s I
have concentrated on listening to North-American AM stations. The conditions for
listening are quite bad here in southern Finland. Therefore I go each winter
with a friend of mine to the most northern part of Finland called Lapland for a
listening expedition. We spend a week or two in an isolated cottage. The
conditions are much better there because of less interference from human
activities and from European AM stations. It is also possible to have longwire
antennas which are ideal for our listening purposes. For the expedition we
usually go to Lemmenjoki, some 200 miles north of the Arctic circle and 350
miles north of Oulu. It was right there I was able to hear your station, too.
But now I had better give the details concerning the reception. I was able to
hear your station as follows:
- FREQUENCY: 1310 khz
- DATE: 2md January 2004, 4th January 2005 and 5th January 2005
- TIME: 5.05 am (2nd Jan), 12.30 am (4th Jan)4.00 - 4.06 am (5th Jan)PST
To prove that I did hear your station, I enclose details of the program heard:
2nd January 2005
5.05 am ABC news was followed by the weather: "KNPT weather. Mostly cloudy this
afternoon with the chance of showers, high 30 … ".
4th January 2005
12.30 am I heard an announcement with important information where it was asked
to call Hampton Sanitary service office at Highway 20 .. at the southeast Marina
in Newport.
5th January 2005
4.00 am The legal station identification before ABC news: " … KNPT Newport".
4.06 am At this time I heard the following announcements: "News … on AM 13-10
KNPT … " and " … KNPT forecast. …partly cloudy over night .. around 35 …".
Thank you for your program! I wish I could have listened to it much longer, but
unfortunately it is very common that a far away AM station can be heard only a
short time before it fades out. To hear your station three times was really
surprising because I have not heard your station in previous years.
I suppose you are interested in my equipment. My receiver is a Japanese made JRC
NRD 535D communications receiver with an inbuilt digital frequency computer.
When I heard your station my antenna was a 3300-feet-long copper wire which was
directed to North-America, towards your area to be exact. In fact, I had five
different antennas in Lemmenjoki pointing to five different North-American
directions. It is very important to have a long antenna to a certain direction
when one tries to pick up overseas AM stations.
Thank you very much for reading this letter and your interest to my reception. I
would be very pleased if you had time to verify my reception of your station
KNPT by sending an answer to me. It would be very much appreciated in my
collection. Thank you!
Jari Ruohomäki
Tykkykuja 6B
FIN-90630 OULU



Dear KNPT,
I am a radio enthusiast who enjoys listening for long distance radio signals. On November 3, 2011, at 4:59 AM PDT, I had the pleasure of hearing KNPT broadcasting on 1310 kilohertz. First, to prove that it was indeed KNPT that was received, I enclose a mp3-file with a portion of your program. At 4:59 AM ads for Casino Resort in Lincoln City and Discount Tyres, your station ID: “From the .. Studios, streaming live at knptam dot com, this is NewsTalk 1310 KNPT Newprt” and into ABC News.. I hope you find it audible. Even though the reception was possible for a short time only, it was fantastic to hear your programme so far away. I hope the recording is of interest
Many thanks for this short moment, I really enjoyed it!
I spent a week in October/November 2011 in a small village in Lapland called Lemmenjoki (Love River!) with a friend listening to North American AM-stations. My setup consists of a Perseus SDR-receiver and the antenna system, consisting of long wires hanging on the branches of trees, was designed for DX reception on the AM broadcast band. Because of the long antennas and favourable atmospheric conditions we were able to pick up your signal. Lemmenjoki, situated some 200 miles North of the Arctic Circle in North Finland, used to be known for gold findings; today the most important industry is tourism.
A few words about myself. My working career was in business-to-business marketing but I am now retired. My wife is Kaarina and we have one son, Patrik. We also have a cute Birman Temple cat named Ziina. We live in a suburb of Helsinki called Marjaniemi by the Gulf of Finland.
Here in the Eastern parts of Helsinki we have a small local radio listeners club. We are a handful of oldtime DX-ers meeting regularly to discuss DX-ing, sometimes bowling etc. Together with other DX-clubs in Finland we publish the 'Radio World' -magazine. If you will visit Finland and Helsinki one day, please visit our club, too. You are most welcome!
Your confirmation by e-mail of my reception would be very much appreciated as a memory of this "contact" over the air. Many thanks in advance! I hope this letter has been of interest and hope to hear you again sometime.
With best wishes from Finland,
Hakan Sundman
Kissankellontie 9 C
00930 Helsinki

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